O Coro (The Chorus)


Type: Feature Film
Director: Werner Schumann
Production: Schumann Brothers Ltd (UK)
Year of production: 2009


O Coro (The Chorus) is a drama that follows the lives of four characters during the rehearsal of a Symphonic Orchestra in the south of Brazil.
Paulo, the orchestra conductor struggles to realize his project despite the poor health condition of his mother who is in a hospital; Antonia is a divorced and lonely woman in search of meaning in her life; Salomon, a lyric singer, is unsatisfied with his life and is always waiting for a mysterious Mr Beckett; Francisca is a suicidal young woman searching for an escape in the world of classic music.
With subtleness and poetry the movie shows a true portrait of the society in the southern Brazilian city of Curitiba, depicting the existential conflicts of the characters and the way art has brought them together and may even redeem them.

Crew United: http://www.crew-united.com?mov=127583

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